It never takes very long for some frustrating situations to get talked about and in many cases get themselves a unique Twitter account to parody the issue.

Two big issues that have come out since the beginning of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London this past Friday is the number of empty seats in many of the sporting venues and here in the US the frustration with NBC’s tape delay of many of the events to save them for primetime viewing including the opening ceremonies on Friday.

As a result of these things two new Twitter accounts have appeared on the social media website to have some fun with everything that is happening.

The first one, @OlympicSeat, bears a description of “I feel nothing but emptiness #Olympics” and has its location indicated as in London.  The account already has nearly 7.800 followers as of this post and has sent out 11 tweets. 

Some of my favorites so far are;



There are quite a few people having a regular dialog with this account but there is not much interaction from the account itself.  The account has been popular amongst Twitter users as it’s tweets have been re-tweeted over 5,600 times.

The other account that has popped up is @NBCDelayed and is taking direct aim at the mess that NBC has created with their choices to tape delay live events into the US prime time viewing period instead of carrying them live as they occur. 

The description for the account states “News and Sports brought to tape delayed for your viewing pleasure by NBC. (Yes, this is a parody account)” This account has only seven tweets so far and nearly 3,400 followers as of this post.

This account is making a point to tweet out results from past Olympic games such as these tweets:



My favorite one though is the first tweet from the account:


This account is gaining popularity very quickly and only seems to be just a couple of hours old. There are already over 2,400 re-tweets of the account and it gained over 1,400 followers as I wrote this post.

So are you frustrated by seeing the empty seats or the way some events are being tape delayed here in the US?