As I was returning from my month in Europe I was aware of the opening and subsequent very quick closing of the Microsoft Xbox 360 Fall 2012 Dashboard Update Beta Program and I must say it was awesome to see such enthusiasm for the dashboard.

In a twist of events, as it is usually the US that get these deals apart from the rest of the world, it seems our European neighbors in Italy and France are getting a second chance to get into the program.

According to the Italian gaming website mondoXBOX:

Please be advised that now have been reopened with a dedicated link specifically French and Italian users, to allow them to test the new features of voice search with Kinect. If you want to try to register, you do not have to do is go to this page and fill in the questionnaire in English.

It appears to be a valid link to Microsoft’s Connect website and the questionnaire seems to be the same one I filled out earlier this week for my own application.  I am unsure of how it is being targeted for just Italian and French users as I did not go forward with the survey since I am in the program already.

If you are over in one of those countries, or anywhere else in the world, and are able to get signed up let us know in the comments.

Thanks to @MSAllAroundYou for the heads up on this.