While wandering the MSTechEd 2012 TechExpo floor today I noticed something new in the Office365 area of the Technical Learning Center.

Check out this chair:


I had the chance to talk to Quin Nikel who is the Director of Product Management for Microsoft Office365 Deployment, about the Office365 service and these Office 365 Command Center chairs.

I shared with Quin about my own experience as an end user subscribed to Office365 Exchange Online for our two accounts we have at home and how happy we have been with the flexibility and reliability of the service,

He told me what is important to remember is that whether you have a couple of Exchange Online accounts like I do or an Enterprise level set up with 100’s of accounts you get the benefits of Office365’s data center reliability and backup.  Plus you, as the end user or company IT department, retain complete administrative control of your service at all times.

Add to that Microsoft’s 24/7 live tech support and you will be well taken care of.  He also reminded me that as they gain efficiencies in their infrastructure and overhead they are passing those savings along to us on the other end as they did recently.

Now I did go in search of the chairs that they are using for these Office365 Command Centers and I tracked down the company which is Emperor/MWE Lab and the model of chair they are using is the Emperor 1510.  The chair will only run you $6,200 and then you have to add the computer, monitors, etc.

Still that would make a great computing chair anywhere wouldn’t it?

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