Welcome to Episode Double Nickels (55) of the Observed Tech PODCAST.  In this weeks show we talk about E3; Microsoft’s E3 Media Briefing and their new announcements; COMPUTEX where they revealed a lot of Windows 8 hardware; NASCAR and Twitter’s new relationship; IE10 and Do Not Track;  Kinect bringing voice control to Madden 13; desktop programs in the Windows Store; HTC shut out of building Windows 8 RT tablets; Venus Transit pictures; new Microsoft Stores; Spreecast being a better On Air Hangout option; Kinect helps in surgery; that Privacy Notice Status on Facebook is bogus; peek in at Amazon from former Microsoftie; upgrade your Build Tablet to Windows 8 RP; Google grabs Quickoffice; Airtime debuts; should kids under 13 be on Facebook because Facebook wants to know; sneak peek at the next version of the Windows Phone  OS coming soon; emergency security patch for Windows systems; SkyDrive App for iOS now supports iPad; a funny ventriloquist and the PC Pitstop May 2012 newsletter.

We wrap up with a look at the past week on WindowsObserver.com.

Check out the notes below for links to all the sources. Enjoy and as always thanks for listening!

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