I’ve never been able to find a geek who could resist the urge to get crazy excited about E3. Are you into gaming, entertainment ecosystems, and giant media spectacles? What about the latest and greatest in consumer technology? Yep. It’s all here. This week I’ve collected applications to help you easily get the latest information from the Los Angeles Convention Center.


If you are you looking to approach the event from a consumer entertainment perspective you’ve got  Engadget has you covered. There is an in app browser to enjoy stories that don’t translate over well to application itself as well as commenting without the need to go to any mobile site. That’s rare for any app on Windows Phone.


If you’re looking to focus a little bit more on gaming you could always download one of the many IGN readers available in the Windows Phone Marketplace as well, but I’ve got a better idea for you. How about watching Inside Gaming’s daily coverage on as they hike around the event via their Machinima for Windows Phone. Sure the humor is a little phrat boy-ish but there’s still plenty of quality content here.


Finally it never hurts to have the best in RSS readers when an event like this is happening. With that in mind let’s talk about the best readers available to Windows Phone users. There are the free specialized redears like Tech News Now, and Gaming News Now. There’s also the heavy lifters like Weave for $2.99, News360, and my personal favorite: Rudy Huyn’s Fuse for $1.29. Fuse’s live tile customization makes it the obvious choice for my needs but your mileage may very.

Well that’s Windows Phone App Flow, I’ll be on break next week recovering from all the festivities, liveblogs, and the tidal wave of press releases headed our way. Don’t forget that you can also stay on top of the big news coming out of Los Angeles this week with our very own WindowsObserver application!

See you in two weeks!