With the recent release of the Windows 8 Release Preview, which is a test version of Microsoft’s next Windows OS, many folks are either trying it out for the first time or are now on their third installation (Developer, Consumer, Release Previews).

My initial observations are that there are definitely some improvements in this release not only to some key Metro Apps from Microsoft but from the overall efficiencies in the OS speed wise.  The Windows Store has become better stocked with some very nice apps as well as updates to many that were in the Consumer Preview when the new store first appeared.

I still have some issues and questions as well which will be the focus of a future post I am working on.

This video is a walkthrough of the Windows 8 Release Preview to show some of the things I have noticed that are different compared to the Consumer Preview released back in late February.

Have you tried out the Release Preview yet? What things have you noticed, both pros and cons, as you are using the newest preview version of the OS?