Finally folks, it’s the freaking summer!  The grass is dying, my air-conditioning is on full blast, and to top it all off, I don’t have to leave the house, once! When stars align like this I usually decided to throw responsibility to the wind in sink my teeth into a good game with a decent story. Usually that means Batman Arkham City but lately I’ve been getting the itch to play some sort of role-playing game on my Windows Phone.


Neuralnet’s Imperium kicks us off this week. The fairly new game takes the idea of Pokémon styled turn-based RPGs and packages it quite nice for Windows Phone. Through the game you must collect the 60+ "Imperators" and their abilities to complete challenges. that game is a great way to test how if you are a little weary of playing this style of gaming on your phone instead of a dedicated gaming console. It’s completely ad supported so, hey if you don’t like it you don’t have to feel the need to keep playing.


This being a gaming themed edition of the column I’d be nuts not to look for an RPG with Xbox LIVE achievements. The Harvest  scratches that itch nicely. Looking for very nice graphics? Check. A somewhat compelling narrative on aliens taking over the world? Check. I found the game to be excellent, even if it is a little on the expensive side at $6.99. Sure that’s a lot of dough for a mobile game, but no one else is executing RPGs on Windows Phone of this caliber. All Xbox LIVE games have free trials so once again, try it out!


Our last app is a bit niche but I love it just the same. After hearing Richard talk about the free-to-play Microsoft Flight, I decided to find a free-to-play game of my own. That search led me to Star Trek Online and I’ve been using MJCS Studio’s STO Profile Viewer to track my progress in the game ever since. Don’t play it? There’s also TorStalker for fans of Star Wars: The Old Republic, and WoW Armory if World of Warcraft is more your thing. The bottom line is, if you’ve got a favorite PC game, you should check the Windows Phone Marketplace for any companion apps that might be available.

Anywho that the Windows Phone App Flow! If you’ve got an application or a theme you’d like us to cover, send them our way via Twitter! Until next time this is Travis Pope, and yes… I want to be a Pokémon master!