It’s no secret that May is a monumental month of change for a lot of smartphone users. Between watching our children graduate high school or college or being that child who just graduated high school or college, there’s a lot going on and its times like this that we seek comfort in the things we love most.

This week we’ve got the applications that will help you adjust the most.


We begin with an old favorite of mine from ashtech software – SkyMusic. Since we last took a look at it the app has been updated to allow you to browse both your local and SkyDrive collection all at the same time, (try that music + video).  Let’s just say there’s nothing like being able to download that latest Chiddy Bang album without the need to loose space for all of my  slightly large Xbox LIVE powered games. It’s price tag of $0 and it’s ability to make custom ringtones also put’s it over the top for me. Be sure to download Breakfast as well. If that album doesn’t make you embrace what’s coming next and boost your metal ability to do great things, well I don’t know what will.


You all know that I have a horrible sense of humor, but even I couldn’t stop smiling after loading up Rudy Huyn’s 9gag companion app for Windows Phone. I’ve only had it a few hours but there’s nothing quite as funny as uploading a and browsing the most hilarious images and captions about pop culture. My favorite is still “Jedi’s Creed”. Since it’s a Huyn app, you know all the kind of awesome platform knick-knacks you’ll find here like the ability to switch between themes, live tiles, and Facebook integration. You just can’t beat it. Did I mention it’s free?


Our last app needs no introduction. There has never, and will never ever be a way to comfort our species more than face to face communication, and although you or your loved ones may be moving away in a bid to start over, or preparing to do something different, you will always be able to talk to them face to face. I’m of course referring to Skype. If you or that other person have a smartphone that sports a front facing camera, download it and look at each other’s shiny mug.

That’s Windows Phone App Flow for this week. I’ll be aiming for our usual Thursday timeslot now that the educational demands on my time are gone. Do you have an application or a theme you’d like to see? Hit me up on Twitter, username: harlemS.

Until next time, take care of yourselves and each other ;).