Welcome to Episode 51 of the Observed Tech PODCAST.  After our special Episode 50 show last week we are back to our normal format today sharing tech news of the past week.  In this show we highlight news items such as Bing 411 service shutdown; Windows 8 and your Media Center options; iPhone unlimited data plans regret by AT&T CEO; Google News uses Google+; Nokia sued for fraud by shareholder; best word games for your Windows Phone; free ebooks from Microsoft Press; Xbox 360 4GB bundle for $99 with 2 year contract of $15 per month; Facebook starts using Instagram style filters for photo uploads; reset or refresh Windows 8 without a DVD; 13 million US Facebookers never touch privacy settings; social media and phone use while driving is three times more dangerous than drinking and driving; fare thee well Inside Xbox; Windows 8 and cloud services impacts Windows Live brand; some issues still around for Nokia Lumia 900; IE9 tops 50% in US; Apple security responses are slow; IGN joins Xbox App list; Coinstar invests in EcoATM for recycling old cell phones; Foursquare charges $10 bucks to list your venue right now; Microsoft settles dispute with Barnes and Noble then invests in new company with them and new support wizards at Microsoft Support.

We close the show out with a look at the past week on WindowsObserver.com.

Check out the notes below for links to all the sources.

Enjoy and as always thanks for listening!

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