With Microsoft releasing their SkyDrive App and Dropbox providing an update for their cloud storage service software it makes sense that Amazon would want to get folks using their Amazon Cloud Drive on desktop systems as well.

When this news first came out I thought it would be great to have desktop access to that 20GB worth of storage.  See normally your Amazon Cloud Drive is 5GB but there was a promotional period when the cloud based storage came out that would upgrade you to 20GB if you purchased an MP3 album.  I am a music fan so that worked out well.

The Amazon Cloud Drive is a nice place to store your purchased Amazon MP3 files, which do not count against your storage allocation, and with this desktop app I though maybe it would give me another place in the cloud to store data.

Well they did release an app that allows you to easily send files to this cloud based storage however, access to the files are only via the web based Amazon Cloud Drive storage site.  No operating system integration at all for accessing the files locally.

That is a standard feature now in both the SkyDrive and Dropbox apps and I think Amazon needs to come around to adding that to their own cloud based storage service otherwise I think folks will skip over it for the other choices.

That is what I am choosing to do at the moment. How about you? Do you have an Amazon Cloud Drive? Do you like the software they released for accessing it from your desktop?