It’s spring. The birds are chirping, everyone’s put away their Winter clothes, and you don’t have to look far to find something you would like to do. What better time to be alive? What better time to go to the movies? What better time for another edition of Windows Phone App Flow? This week we’ve got a few apps to help you get the most out of that trip to the cinema.


We begin this week with an app so obvious, you can’t even download it in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Bing. Just as it does at, any search for a movie title on your device will instant put the device into a sort of movie mode that will allow you to quickly find the movie theater closest to you and the titles their playing. Depending on which movie theater you’ve chosen, you’ll be instant presented with the option to buy tickets for a showing as well. You can’t beat that folks!


If your needs are more particular than Microsoft’s MSN Movies has to be the end all be all for movie information on the Windows Phone platform. We’re talking movie pinning, screening times, ticket purchasing, previewing watching, and social sharing. My favorite feature has been the ability to pin your local theater to the start screen. MSN Movies is of course, as free as pony running across the plains.


Last but not least is Fandango. While it’s been at the top of the Windows Phone charts since early last year I couldn’t not include it in this week’s column. I’ve used it’s “Advance Tickets” feature to snag Harry Potter movie tickets instead of having to stand in line for hours. I’ve used it’s critic reviews to keep my self from wasting money on sub standard content (hi there, Avengers).  There are literally hundreds of things to like about it but I’ll let you savoir the surprise and check it out for yourself, which you’ll definitely want to do since it’s free.

That’s the Windows Phone App Flow for this week. Remember to keep the app suggestions coming, send them over via Twitter, username: harlemS. Now if you’ll excuse me I would like to get back to dancing around listening to “Saturday Night at the Movies”. The fifties sound like they were awesome.