Although it is not due to be available until tomorrow, 22 April 2012, it seems that some AT&T stores are starting to sell the white Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone early.  If that is the case then that means anyone who makes that purchase before today (April 21st) is over will receive the $100 credit on their AT&T bill for the purchase.

Here is a tweet from Chris Weber, President of Nokia, Inc. North America, showing off someone buying that phone yesterday:


and here is another one from the same day:


Pretty sweet that some stores are selling this early because that means those purchases are eligible for the credit.

I still think the 21st of April was picked for the cut off on those credits because it means the white Nokia Lumia 900 sales would be outside of that credit window since they officially begin on 22 April 2012.

So did anyone see or get the white Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone in your favorite AT&T store?