Update: I was properly corrected by my Twitter friends that the New Releases category has always been in the Windows Store since the Consumer Preview was released but it never sorted anything and just showed all the apps in the store.  As of tonight that category sort is working properly.

So the title should more aptly say Windows Store Gets New Functioning Releases Category in Windows 8 Consumer Preview


Back in March we wrote a post with some suggestions to improve the Windows Store experience in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and one of the areas we wanted to see some improvement was in sorting the apps so that we could easily figure out what the latest additions were to the store.

Well if you are running the Windows 8 Consumer Preview you will now find a new category tile called New Releases on the main page of the Windows Store app. You can see it in the top right column on that page.

Here is a screenshot:


When you tap or click on that tile you will then get to this screen which has a list of the latest additions to the store:


There is no indication of how recent these apps were added to the store or if they are new because they were updated however, it is nice to see a list of apps like this instead of having to look through all 98 apps that are currently in the store.

I know this has been a point of feedback from a lot of folks running the Consumer Preview so it is definitely nice to see that addition.  Hopefully, there are many more to come in this area of sorting apps, etc.