Tomorrow NASA’s Discovery, Orbiter Vehicle 103, is scheduled to depart the Space Coast of Florida for the final time.  However, on this flight there will not be any countdowns or rockets blasting.  She will be mated to the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA) and flown to Washington, DC to become a museum piece at the Smithsonian.  Like the other shuttles heading for their new homes she represents a significant period of our manned spaceflight history in the United States and has served her country well.

Discovery also holds a special place in my thoughts because I have a 3” x 5” US Flag and an STS-131 Mission Patch in my US Navy Retirement Sea Chest.  These items flew on Discovery during STS-131 in April of 2010 and it was thanks to my wife’s ingenuity that that happened.  They are very special treasures to have of the Shuttle Program.

Anyway, as a tribute to Discovery I perused the NASA photo archives and put together a final theme of Discovery in various phases of her service.  This theme is available for download in three variations – one for Windows 7, one for Windows 8 and one collection of all the wallpapers in a zipped package.  That zipped package can be installed on any computer to use the photos as wallpapers.

I hope you enjoy the theme.

Space Shuttle Discovery Tribute Theme

2012-2257 483220main_2discovery_full 483466main_10-09-20-3_full
492475main_90pc0610_full 492578main_2006-05-19_full 492663main_97pc1262_full
492675main_98pc620_full 492690main_98pc1343_full 492777main_98pc1450_full
492789main_99pp0432_full 492802main_99pp0634_full 492814main_99pp1477_full
492914main_83pc766_full 492931main_84pc470_full 520719main_2011-02-24-10_full
492990main_2007-10-23_full 493014main_2007-11-07-1_full 493169main_2009-03-11_full
526576main_2011-03-09-4_full 609324main_2005-07-28-2_full 609398main_2006-07-06-1_full
609312main_2005-07-28-1_full 609300main_1998-11-06_full 609410main_2006-07-06-2_full
609386main_2005-08-03-2_full 609422main_2006-07-06-3_full 609828main_2007-10-25-2_full
609446main_2006-07-06-4_full 609840main_2007-10-25-3_full

Download Space Shuttle Discovery Tribute Theme Wallpapers

Download Space Shuttle Discovery Tribute Theme for Windows 7

Download Space Shuttle Discovery Tribute Theme for Windows 8