There is no doubt that many of those who are purchasing either the Nokia Lumia 900 or the HTC Titan II starting this week will be first time Windows Phone users.  The new handsets are great devices and at their current price from both AT&T and other online retailers like Walmart and Amazon they will be very attractive options for those looking to get their first smartphone.

The Windows Phone mobile operating system is a very customizable OS and brings a lot of functionality including a lock screen that gives you a great at a glance status of the number of emails, phone calls and alerts you have.  Live tiles dynamically update with information from the app which, if pinned to the Start Screen, also allows you to quickly see if there is a reason to open that app up all the way.  No longer do you need to drill all the way down into an app to find out if there is new info available.

As new users there are a lot of resources available to you and we have collected together a list of items that will help you explore your new Windows Phone handset.

If all else fails and you need help on a unique situation or your question is not answered by any of the help topics above then the Windows Phone Answers Forum is a great place to go.  It is an excellent source of peer to peer assistance and is also frequented by Microsoft Windows Phone MVP’s and other enthusiasts that want to help you out.