The anticipation has been building ever since the pre-orders began last Friday for AT&T’s Nokia Lumia 900 handset.

Today is the expected ship date for these new handsets and it does look like the suspicions of early access for the pre-order crowd are true.

Several individuals have reported via Twitter of either seeing updated shipping status along with shipping tracking numbers on the AT&T order website or they have received updated shipping emails.

According to my own shipping status from FEDEX my Nokia Lumia 900 is expected to be delivered by 4:30 PM tomorrow by overnight shipping.  This means that those who placed the pre-orders will indeed receive their brand new Nokia Lumia 900 handsets nearly two days before they are available in AT&T retail stores and authorized dealers.

I am looking forward to seeing what folks will be saying as they put these handsets through their paces and use them as everyday enthusiasts.

Should be interesting and of course we will be posting our views here as well.

Did you order a Nokia Lumia 900 early? When are you expecting to receive yours?