The review embargo of the upcoming Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone handset was lifted at 9 PM EDT this evening and the reviews are popping up across the web.

I have collected several of them together here so you can read them and see what everyone thinks of the phone.

My first impression as I read these reviews is that they are all over the place.  They are so widespread in their opinion of the handset that it almost seems as if each reviewer may have been looking at a different phone.  Second thing I noticed was that a couple of these reviews are written with full bias against the Windows Phone OS and its app marketplace – you can tell as soon as the review begins.

Ultimately you and I get to make up our own minds on this platform and hardware and I am really looking forward to seeing and hearing what everyday users have to say about this handset as it hits the streets this weekend.

There is a great aggregation page of reviews for the Nokia Lumia 900 at – This page brings together all of the reviews that are out there, currently 21 are included, to give you an overall sense of what the pundits are saying about the device.  My thanks to @TheRomit for the heads up on that site.

Here are your review links and they have plenty of pictures and videos across the board in these posts: