In a just concluded contest that pitted smartphones against each other in a single elimination tournament similar to the NCAA March Madness the Nokia Lumia 900 won hands down against a field of 30 smartphones.

The Smartphone Madness 2012 contest, which has been running since the 12th of March, ended up with an all Nokia final.  The soon to be released Nokia Lumia 900 went up against the Nokia Lumia 710, which is currently available from T-Mobile, and the 900 won in an overwhelming fashion.  The final vote count was over 4,200 votes for the 900 and 454 for the 710.


Now granted this was a popular vote however, look at some of those phones that did not make it out of the early rounds of this contest.  Aren’t many of them very popular? It is quite amazing to see that and for the final match up to be between two US Nokia Lumia phones is even more amazing.  If just one of these phones had made the finals it would be great but for both of them – just wow!

There are a lot of folks getting excited about the release of the Nokia Lumia 900 as I watch Twitter and some of the popular Windows Phone websites.  Evidence is already out there that pre-sales on Amazon have gone very well.  It will be very interesting to see numbers on pre-orders from Walmart and AT&T.

Are you waiting on a new Nokia Lumia 900?