Let’s level here. You all know what the deal is. As Editor in chief of enConnected it’s my job to troll for the latest in bass thumping, DJ loving, smooth R&B blasting music apps for Windows Phone users. While we’ve taken a look at the music landscape, as it refers to apps on Windows Phone, we all know that the field and the contenders are jockeying for title as The Next Big Thing in Music. This week we’ve got a lineup of two relative newcomers to the scene and an old friend that’s finally been refined.


The old friend I’m referring to is Clear Channel’s iHeartRadio for Windows Phone. With the updated version users can tune into customized channels of music based on their preferences, create their own custom stations, read lyrics, buy songs, pin stations to their start screen, and tune into to your local ClearChannel radio stations for some live tunes.  iHeartRadio is still free to all radio heads so have at it.


While still pretty awesome but not free, newcomer Spotify attempts to take digital music discovery to it’s logical social conclusion. With Spotify for Windows Phone users can share songs, playlists, as well as browse all of the tracks available on the service. While I found the app to bit a little buggy, particularly when first opened overall my experience was great. There’s nothing like being able to share your  music taste with your friends. Unfortunately you’ll need a subscription to the service after your 48 hour free trial is up which will set you back $4.99 for unlimited music streaming and $9.99 for their premium tier services which allows for offline playback.


Earlier I mentioned something about blasting R&B to make myself look cool. Well let me stop those rumors right now. I’m proud to say that as of this week I’m a dance music nut. I can’t get enough of break neck beats, heel hurting, foot stomping high hats and smoothly synthesized rhythms. I’d like to share with you the application that started it all, Ministry of Sound. I’ve been using it all week to check out livestreams of DJs, uh DJing, exploring random genres I’ve never heard of with DJs OnDemand. Ministry of Sound is available for free so if dance music might be your thing, download it, like NOW.

And that’s another edition of Windows Phone App Flow folks. If you’ve got recommendations for apps we should take a look at email me, Until next week this has been Travie P. laying down the rhythms in Cincinnati! For Tim Reid, good night America.