Tracking Down the Nokia Lumia 900 Release Date


The stories have been steady concerning the US release of the Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone and the expected date it will be available here.  Dates have ranged from this past weekend to the third week of April and at least one date in between.

Ultimately the most valid source of when my next phone – I mean when the Nokia Lumia 900 comes to the US and AT&T is when the companies make a formal announcement. However, anyone got any idea when that might happen? I mean the announcement/confirmation of its availability not the rumored dates.

While out running errands this morning an AT&T retail store came into view and I decided to stick my head in and see if I could find out anything on the Nokia Lumia 900’s arrival date.  I mean if I walked in and asked a piece of info just might slip out right?

I mean I am an AT&T customer, have been for years, and was simply checking out when my next phone would be available for purchase.

However, the best laid plans are often thrown off by one small detail and unfortunately there was a small detail that caused my attempt to glean information unfruitful.  The AT&T store employees had vaguely heard of the Nokia Lumia 900 and had no idea when the release date would be.

We actually discussed the rumored dates that have been all over the Internet and they were operating off the same info.  They did know that some type of Nokia phone was coming and that it would be the first carried by AT&T but that was about it.

Now maybe they were playing very coy with the info but based on my interactions with them I honestly believe they did not know. 

This actually turns into a real shame on the part of AT&T though and reflects an overall apathy by AT&T when it comes to talking about Windows Phone.  You would think with a major handset release coming in the near future that they would have some info on the handset itself and be talking it up a bit from both a marketing and functionality perspective.

Zero – Zilch.  Missed opportunity across the board.

I will give the store employee credit though – he did know that the only Windows Phone handsets they had in store were the Titan and Focus Flash.

4 thoughts on “Tracking Down the Nokia Lumia 900 Release Date

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  2. Yeah this is a big opportunity missed by both AT&T and MS. What sells devices are ‘salesmen’. Most people walk into a store and pick up the first phone that catches their eye (heck I’m a techie and I almost did it w/ the titan).

    I’ve exchanged e-mails with a Nokia representative, the best she could give me was ‘soon’ and ‘before you know it’. Very nice person, but give me a break. It’s been 4 months and their single core device may soon contend with bigger quad core Android phones that can brush your teeth for you. Add to that a higher price tag, salesmen will probably push the customer to those beasts over this Windows Phone.

    They better have a good plan or the Lumia will be too little too late for the US market! Good for the 800 in Europe though (outselling many devices) and the 710 on T-Mobile. But being the best selling phone on T-Mobile is a bit like being the smartest kid in a 5 student class. Nokia & MS need to get serious about AT&T & Verizon.

  3. William Sanchez March 21, 2012 at 2:59 PM -

    The same thing happened to me, at at AT&T store here in Lexington KY. I got the same response that they knew some type of nokia phone would be coming to them but did not know when or how much. Very distubing as you said, because it doesn’t seem that at the store level, AT&T cares to promote Windows Phones much. Hopefully that changes because they are good phones as well.

  4. toolittletoolate March 21, 2012 at 6:34 AM -

    Nokia, ATT and Microsoft really did a wonderful PR job with the Lumia 900.
    This must be the worst new device campaign ever, or maybe I’m just getting old and it’s possible that it’s the most brilliant campaign ever…
    One would think that at the very least, some actual launch information would have been released…scratching my head.