After making Internet history as the first review site for kids’ apps, Windows Phone Parent has unveiled its latest project called Windows Phone Tales, a series of videos featuring stories inspired by Windows Phone applications ( Told entirely from a child’s perspective, Windows Phone Tales showcase Windows Phone applications that children can enjoy and use in their daily lives, and the idea is to put a whole new spin on the review format people have been accustomed to, by creating video reviews that not only Windows Phone users but also iPhone and Android users will love.

Instead of focusing on an application’s strong and weak points, Windows Phone Tales focus on how the magical experience children live through using a mobile application goes a long way, staying with them even when they are away from their mobile devices. Typically two to three minutes long, Windows Phone Tales use stop motion and soothing background music to tell a simple story revolving around a girl and her Windows Phone application.

The inspiration for Windows Phone Tales came about last December, after the first WPGirl video review was released on YouTube. Windows Phone Parent Co-Creator Sandra Sears observed that although making the video review with her daughter was a lot of fun, it was more natural for a little girl to tell her story in her own way instead of reading off a script. Aside from this, Sears also observed a few other advantages of adopting the new Windows Phone Tales format:

“I wanted to start something flexible, which my daughter could be fully involved in making. With Windows Phone Tales, my daughter was able to play a big part in all aspects of production—from selecting her costumes, to developing the plotline, to choosing which of the application’s features to highlight—and because we used stop motion and a silent-film style, we didn’t have to finish shooting everything in a single day or make sure that the words are perfect or that the place is completely quiet. I also wanted to start something that presents apps not merely as things to keep children busy for a while, and Windows Phone Tales are created specifically to show how apps can foster children’s imaginations even when their mobile devices are turned off. ”

Introducing Windows Phone Tales’ innovative approach to video reviews looks to be another promising endeavor for the Windows Phone Parent team. Each month the keywords “video review” get over two million searches on Google, proving that people are constantly looking for video reviews to watch online. Moreover, featuring an adaptable plot and a silent-film style makes Windows Phone Tales more universal than traditional video reviews, increasing the videos’ chances of being viewed by both English-speaking and non–English-speaking audiences.

Looking forward to creating more Windows Phone Tales in the future, Sears is inviting all parents to share any similar experiences that they and their children have with their Windows Phone applications.

Windows Phone Parent is always on the lookout for amazing apps to inspire the next Windows Phone Tale to share with everyone online.

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