Microsoft’s monthly Patch Tuesday for security related updates is coming up and the advance notice of what we should be seeing for updates has been released.

According to the Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification for March 2012 there are six bulletins which are being released and fixed.  Four of them are for Microsoft Windows and one each for Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Expression Design.  One of the bulletins is labeled as Critical, four as Important and one as Moderate.

These updates are typically available around 10:00 AM EST on Tuesday and that is when full details on the bulletins will be released.

The updates apply to the following software:

Microsoft Windows

  • Windows XP x86 with SP3
  • Windows XP Professional x64 with SP3
  • Windows Vista x86/x64 with SP2
  • Windows 7 x86/x64
  • Windows 7 x86/x64 with SP1
  • Windows Server 2008 x86/x64/Itanium with SP2
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 x64/Itanium
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 x64/Itanium with SP1

Microsoft Developer Tools and Software

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 with SP1
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 with SP1
  • Microsoft Expression Design
  • Microsoft Expression Design with SP1
  • Microsoft Expression Design 2
  • Microsoft Expression Design 3
  • Microsoft Expression Design 4

Microsoft will host a webcast to address customer questions on the security bulletins on March 14, 2012, at 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US & Canada). Register now for the March Security Bulletin Webcast. After this date, this webcast is available on-demand. For more information, see Microsoft Security Bulletin Summaries and Webcasts.