Everyday you pull your cardigans over your head and accidentally take a gulp from the cold cup of coffee you left on the desk the night before. After showering you then roll out with your top-notch laptop, and the most comfortable mouse and keyboard you could find after years of searching. You then get back to work. You are the coding pros, the developers. Purveyors of all that is logical, key holders of all that creates a platform, you strive day in and day out to make our lives easier and our devices better. This week’s Windows Phone App Flow is dedicated to you and all the things that you do.


As a developer you have to keep up on the latest news and information on Microsoft’s technologies and how you can best use them. That’s where Sigurd Snørteland’s myChannel9 comes in. With the latest shows from the video network dedicated to all things Windows 8, Azure, and Windows Phone it’s the best application for getting best practices from the men and women who know about coding for these platforms the most.  It’s not just for consuming content on the go either. You can mark episodes about things your interested in as well as browse the #channel9 Twitter hashtag from it as well. myChannel9 is completely free.


Are you not sure that the Windows Phone application you’ve just finished writing is worth the debug since it’s freezing your device? Do you think it might be the older generation Windows Phone device you are working with? Robert Varga’s WP Bench will give you the breakdown on how your device is performing and how your background agents  and app might be effecting battery life. You can also use it’s online charts of other device’s specs to compare how your test hardware might be doing versus another user’s device. Featuring checks on CPU performance, memory speeds, battery life testing, and GPU performance I can’t imagine WP Bench not being handy for Windows Phone developer ninjas. WP Bench is available for a free trial and will set you back a very modest $0.99.


And now for that icing on the cake. You never know when inspiration will strike. Code in full C# anywhere with Infinite Pocket’s Pocket C#. The moment you’re ready to write your next big thing you can hit the ground running with code-snippet expansion, included MSDN content, and web publishing of your code directly from the app itself. Pocket C# has a free trial and is available for $1.29.

With that we’ll let you go back to working on tomorrow’s Angry Birds or next week’s new hot mobile productivity tool. If you’ve got an app you’d like to share, whether you wrote it or its someone else’s work, send them my way on Twitter; username @harlemS.

Until next week go developer pros, GO!