When Microsoft makes a preview of any of their products available, including Windows 8 which recently released as a Consumer Preview, they do not provide official support for the product.

That does not mean they do not provide avenues for you to get help as you try out the latest and greatest software and the Windows 8 Consumer Preview is no different.

There are a couple different options available for help if you are running into issues or have questions about the Consumer Preview of Windows 8.

The first one is at the Microsoft Answers Forums – Microsoft Answers Windows 8 Forums.  They have about 20 pinned questions and answers already that highlight some of the main issues folks are facing and you will find them at the top of this forum.  This forum is targeted towards the consumer end users who are trying out Windows 8 CP.

The breakdown of all the forums at Answers is like this:

The second area for support is intended for the IT Pro community who would be supporting Windows 8 in the enterprise, or business, environment.  However, I am sure there is some very good info to be found in these forums and they are broken down into eight different areas.

So whatever area you might need help in there are nine Microsoft hosted forums to find a lot of information in.  There is a very strong likely hood that your issue has been experienced by someone else already so do a good search thru the forums to see what you find.