The buzz around the Internet and social media sites like Twitter is building concerning the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, aka Windows 8 Beta release, that is due to be available for public download in the next few hours.

Steven Sinofsky is expected to take the stage in Barcelona, Spain and share with the world all the improvements that have made their way into the new operating system in about 7 hours (6 AM PST; 9 AM EST and 3 PM CET).  If you have been following the Building Windows 8 blog over the last seven months since the Developer Preview of Windows 8 was released in September 2011 then you can get an idea of some of the improvements that should be in the update because they have not shied away from talking about the areas they have been working on.

I have been watching Twitter tonight for trends relating to this download becoming available and I want to caution everyone to not fall victim to the fake links that are out there claiming to be the official download of the consumer preview.  Any links that go anywhere but to Microsoft’s servers should not be trusted.  There is a lot of excitement around this release so it makes for a very popular method of malware delivery by sending you to a fake download.  The official download will be here soon enough.

I also imagine the web is just going to explode with info about the new update so there will not be a lack of things to read about it..

My plan is to continue my series about transitioning to touch in Windows 8 and see how the consumer preview compares to the developer preview’s touch experience and what changes I see between the two versions.

My prediction for downloads is more than 4 million for the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. What do you think?