Greetings from the Great Northwest!

I have arrived here in Bellevue, WA for the annual Microsoft MVP Summit and am already enjoying running into people I network with throughout the year online.

The MVP Summit is a great opportunity for us MVP’s to hear from the product teams and learn about what is going on with current, new and upcoming  technologies.  Many of the briefs will be under non-disclosure agreements so that means I can not share about those subjects.  Sorry but those are the rules.

However, any info we get that is allowed for public consumption you will most certainly be hearing about on the site or via my Twitter account (@WinObs).

Of course the even bigger news of the week will be the availability of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview which goes public Wednesday and we will certainly be talking about that!

For now I am off to Consumer Camp at the Bellevue Microsoft Store and will follow up with a report on that event here at the site.