After yesterday’s update to the Flora and Terra Windows 7 Dynamic themes from Microsoft I did not expect anything for at least a week. However, it seems we get a couple more shots for those themes and four new additions for the Bing Desktop Dynamic theme as well.

I am also very pleased that another one of the shots I submitted for Microsoft’s open call for images is being added to the Terra Landscapes theme.  That first image shown below is of Courthouse Rock just outside of Sedona, Arizona.  It was taken last April while my wife and I were visiting the area for the first time.  Like I said yesterday – a definite must visit kind of place!

Thanks again to Microsoft for featuring the image!

Terra (Landscapes)

Courthouse Rock in Sedona, Arizona, U.S. Facia of the Convention Centre, Adelaide, South Australia

Flora (Flowers)

Life - Macro Orange flower

Bing Desktop

Dicentra, England.  Bleeding heart, Dutchman's trousers (Dicentra spectabilisis a popular and striking flowering shrub and perennial. Pygmy sweepers (Parapriacanthus ransonneti). Andaman Sea, Thailand.
Winking Bridge at Dusk, Close Up, Newcastle, England Argentina, Santa Cruz Province, Glaciers National Park. Aerial view of the coast along Lake Argentino.