Technology. It’s the air we breath, the water we drink, and the thing that drives us to do just about everything it is we do. So is the news on technology. We always want it, and when we don’t get it scary things happen – I start to speak in old English and watch PBS for example. This week we’ve got my picks for the best tech news applications the Windows Phone Marketplace has to offer.


When you need access to the latest tech news there is the big guys and than everyone else. Weblogs Inc’s Engadget is the former. Complete with access to their wealth of content users of Engadget for Windows Phone can stream episodes of “The Engadget Show”, as well as the Engadget Podcast, reviews, and photo galleries. Best of all it’s free, with no advertisements.


New comer The Verge also belongs in the pinnacle of tech new sites unfortunately there isn’t an app for Windows Phone available. At least officially. Unofficially former WinRumors blogger Tom Warren has now repurposed WinRumors on Windows Phone to repost all his Microsoft geared stories from The Verge. The result is an app that’s only WinRumor in name, and The Verge in content. It’s free as well.


So you want the best in Windows Phone news as it happens eh? WPCentral sets a new gold standard. Featuring Live Tiles that offer the latest headlines, toast notifications, the ability to comment on news stories, search, and podcast streaming it is by far one of the most feature complete apps for a news organization that we’ve seen on the platform. It’s $0.99 but also has a free trial for those of you who prefer advertisements.


I don’t mind being completely honest. I’m totally biased when it comes to LiveSide’s app. Why? I love the content the site dishes out. It’s solid Microsoft reporting and wrap-up articles make for a nice break from the sea of “let’s repost this!” sites the other guys are doing. Their app is as minimalist as it gets. You can browse the latest articles in each topic by pivoting right or left. There’s also a search option as well but the bottom line is as long as it loads quickly, doesn’t crash daily, and serves up decent stories I’ll continue to keep it on my device. LiveSide is also free with ads.


We end this week’s Windows Phone App Flow with another app I’m completed biased on; Windows Observer for Windows Phone! It makes it’s debut tonight, and I can tell you that a lot of hard work and time went into making this a great app for those who want to follow Microsoft news on the go. Podcast streaming? Got that. Content sharing? You bet! It even has five custom secondary Live Tiles for the news you care about most.  WindowsObserver is free with ads. Download it folks. You’ll love it.

That does it for another edition of Windows Phone App Flow. Do you have a suggestion for new apps we should feature? Send them my way on Twitter, username @harlemS. Until next time this is Travis wishing you tech, peace, and soul!