One of the commercials shown during last night’s Super Bowl was from Best Buy.  In it they highlight several individuals who created various technologies that we use each and every day.  The laugh out loud part of the commercial is when the two Words With Friends creators are caught with their games on by the flight attendant while they are seated aboard an airplane that is getting ready to take off.  Very creative use of main stream stories and buzz!

Here is the commercial:

In a press release this morning, Reuben Katz the Geeklist CEO and Co-founder, seems to take offense to the commercial in the way it highlighted these technology innovators.

"Our entire product is based on the ‘I create’ or ‘I built’ concept. It’s the best way for us to highlight great work by developers." Stated Reuben Katz, the Geeklist CEO and Co-founder. Geeklist launched in private beta last August and uses Achievement Cards to showcase great work developers have done. "This is the first ever Achievement-based platform, allowing us to see who built what, what technologies they used to build it and who they built it with,"

The press release goes on to draw a correlation between the “I created…” phraseology used by each of the individuals in this Best Buy commercial and the fact that one of the copyrighters for the ad agency which created the commercial, Crispin, Porter and Bogusky, is on the Geeklist private beta and apparently has been for several months.

So is this all sour grapes or a genuine concern that an insider used their knowledge from the site’s private beta to help write this ad content?