Welcome to Episode 40 of the Observed Tech PODCAST – our Super Bowl Edition!

In this show we discuss the importance of backups; game exchange service Goozex; the upcoming WindowsObserver app for Windows Phone; Super Bowl commercials, early winner announcements and the big games numbers; Windows 8 already being on sale  – not; a couple of key Microsoft departures; BetaBait app testing service; book your travel based on who has WIFI and live TV; the future of touch screen tech; Huffington Post starts a streaming news channel; it is Windows Phone not Windows Phone 7 or WP7; identify fake Facebook accounts and Microsoft’s Personal Data Dashboard.

As usual we wrap up with a look at the past week on WindowsObserver.com

Check out the notes below for links to all the sources.

Enjoy and as always thanks for listening!

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Date Produced: 05 February 2012

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