It seems like it was just a few weeks ago when the news was all about the Windows Phone Marketplace hitting the 50,000 app mark – in fact it was about 25 days that mark was set.

I am not sure anyone expected the news today that the Windows Phone Marketplace has now seen 60,000 apps less than a month since its last major milestone however, Twitter is pretty active with news of this feat.

According to the All About Windows Phone website, which uses their own tracking system for the marketplace, that is an increase from an average of 265 apps a day growth to 400 per day as the marketplace reached this new milestone.

They have some great stats in their post about the growth so you should definitely give it a read.

I think this increase in the marketplace reinforces the idea that the Windows Phone platform is here to stay and more developers are starting to see value in putting some effort into this marketplace and get their apps in there.

Anyone willing to make a prediction of what the over/under is on hitting 70,000 apps? I will take less than 20 days.

How long do you think it will take?