In an email to customers today Direct2Drive has detailed the final steps in its merger with the popular game service GameFly and provided the final dates for the cutover.

The key dates as this process is being finalized:

  • 24 January – everything is moved from Direct2Drive to GameFly and that results in both sites being in accessible for that period of time.
  • 25 January – sign into GameFly using your Direct2Drive credentials and you can start playing games immediately

According to the email you do not have to subscribe to GameFly’s game service to access your Direct2Drive games. 

Additional info in the email about the move and merger:

  • Direct2Drive Titles on GameFly – We’re currently moving as many game titles as possible from Direct2Drive to GameFly. We will continue to work hard to bring ALL Direct2Drive titles to GameFly, if possible. Some older titles may take a bit longer or may not be migrated if their specs are no longer supported by today’s technology. The number of these unsupported titles will be minimal, and will not impact the majority of our customers. We’ll send you a separate e-mail if any of the titles you’ve purchased are not supported on GameFly.
  • GameFly Subscription Required? – A GameFly subscription is not required to buy and download PC & Mac games. You’ll simply need to log in to GameFly with your Direct2Drive e-mail address and reset your password (if you don’t already have a GameFly account). This is absolutely free, and you can do this on the GameFly website or in the GameFly Client. You may purchase a GameFly subscription if you want to rent console titles and access our library of Unlimited PC Play titles in the Client.
  • If you currently have a Direct2Drive account but no GameFly account: We will create a GameFly login for you using the same e-mail address you currently log in with on Direct2Drive. You’ll need to reset your password for security reasons. Your login will allow you to view your purchase history, download games you’ve purchased on Direct2Drive, and buy more games from GameFly.
  • If you currently have an account on both Direct2Drive and GameFly: If your accounts on Direct2Drive and GameFly use the same e-mail address, we will merge your accounts for you. If you currently use a different e-mail address on Direct2Drive than you use on GameFly, we will not be able to merge your accounts. If this is the case – and you’d like your accounts merged – please change your Direct2Drive e-mail address by January 23 to match your GameFly e-mail address.
    If we merge your accounts, all of your GameFly information, including your login, will remain unchanged. Your Direct2Drive purchase history will be viewable in your GameFly account. If you wish to use your Direct2Drive payment information to purchase games instead of the payment information in your GameFly Account, you’ll need to update your billing information directly on the GameFly site.

This must be a massive undertaking but it certainly seems as if they have everything tracking to make it as seamless as possible.  I will let you know how my own experience goes in a comment below this blog post next week.

For additional information regarding what is happening with this move check out D2D’s Moving to GameFly: Frequently Asked Questions.