Why is a time lapse video of a scene more dynamic than a video of the same scene?  As a photographer myself that is tough to answer but maybe it has to do with the fact a time lapse has to be put together to create the resulting video when a video is just shot and done with.

I have made plenty of time lapse videos using my full size cameras but have never thought of doing it with my smartphone – at least until now.

A new app in the Windows Phone Marketplace at least has me trying a couple of time lapse videos just for the fun of it.

Timelapse Pro has been in the marketplace since early December and has had a couple of updates since then.  It is a straightforward app with a minimal interface and just a settings page to get things ready to take a series of pictures.

The app itself will play back the time lapse once it is taken however, you must off load the pictures to your desktop and then put them together in a movie make program such as Windows Live Movie Maker to create the final time lapse video.

So I had to try this app out of course so I plugged my LG Quantum Windows Phone into a USB port on my desktop set it to take one picture every 8 seconds and let it run for 45 minutes. That resulted in just over 300 pictures being taken for the time lapse.

Here are the results: