Cropped Quadrantrids Meteor

Last night I let you know about the Quadrantids meteor shower that was peaking this morning in the Northern Hemisphere and I hope some of you were either able to watch it live with your own eyes or via the livestream.

My wife and I ventured out into the frigid 26 degree Florida night this morning to catch the shower with our own eyes and was rewarded with about 20 or so bright Quadrantids over a 90 minute period.

I set up my Nikon D3000 and took 88 shots – most of them were 30 second exposures however, I took several that were in the range of 2-4 minutes each towards the end of the session. I was lucky enough to capture four meteors out of those 88 shots and wanted to share them with you here.

This is by far the best shot I grabbed.  One is the full frame and the other is the image cropped down to focus on the Quadrantids Meteor in it.

DSC_4875 Cropped Quadrantrids Meteor
  • Camera: Nikon D3000
  • f/4
  • 126 second exposure
  • 3.6 Max Aperture
  • ISO 100
  • Focal Length: 27

I also caught three other meteors during some of the 30 second exposures so they were not as easy to see.  I had to edit the original RAW image to bring the meteor out and so these are very washed out but at least you can see the Quadrantids in them.

DSC_4871 (2) DSC_4858 (2)
DSC_4852 (2)  

So did you get to see any of the Quadrantids yourself?  Please tell us about them in the comments below.