My favorite mobile Twitter software of all times, moTweets, is getting updated to version 3.0 and this is a sweet upgrade.

Before I even get into the feature updates just let me say that this new version of moTweets is fast.  Start up and display of your Twitter timeline is so much faster than previous versions it blew me away when I started the app up for the first time.

So what is the jump to 3.0 bringing new to moTweets?

  • Background agent checks and updates the new Mango Live Tile
  • Ability to add the Post screen to the Live Tile for quick posting
  • Links now open in Pocket Internet Explorer
  • Reply auto selects the account you are reading from
  • Completely redesigned social engine, using https and much quicker response time

Fixes that are included in this update:

  • Proper translation of twitter links
  • Custom handling for Japanese font
  • Link, Picture, and Timeline fixes for Twitter, Facebook, and RSS feeds
  • Fixed ImageWall
  • Better handling for Retweet, Spam
  • Fixed Trends and Local Trends

Patrick Abadi, Panoramic Software’s CTO, also told me they are working already on the next update that will include full support for Toast Notifications.  Down the road they hope to add the ability to access Google+ and Linkedin as well.

There are two versions of moTweets available in the Windows Phone Marketplace.  The Pro version costs $1.99 and is ad free while the free version is ad supported.

According to Patrick the 3.0 versions have been submitted to the Windows Phone Marketplace and should be available shortly.