From all of us at – Merry Christmas!

Amongst the piles of gift wrapping, bows, ribbons and empty boxes are no doubt new gadgets, computers, tablets, consoles and electronics galore in houses across the world.  In some of those same houses are frustrated users who might be having some challenges in getting those new gadgets working.

We would like to offer our assistance here at

Setting up Windows 7 for the first time on that new laptop or computer? Check out Setting Up A New Laptop for some critical steps before you dive into regular use of the new system.  These tips also work for a new desktop computer system and Windows based tablets. This post from last Christmas still has some very good advice as you set up those systems as well – Got A New Computer For Christmas.

Once you have that system running for a while you will want to make sure you conduct Computer Maintenance on Your Home PC to keep it running like the day you opened the box.  Also, remember to protect your system with one of the best free anti-virus/anti-malware programs out there – Microsoft Security Essentials.

If your going to get real adventurous and upgrade your Windows 7 based system to a Solid State Drive (SSD) then check out How To- Use an SSD Drive as Main Drive for Windows 7.

Is there a new Xbox 360 console in your house?  If your trying to get things up and running and experience any issues visit the Xbox Community Ambassador webpage to chat with a fellow Xbox 360/Xbox Live user like yourself who volunteers to help others out with their Xbox 360 consoles.  You can also learn how to check the Xbox Live Service and App Status in case it may be connectivity or service related.

Get a new Windows Phone handset?  Check out our Windows Phone App Flow posts for app ideas and then learn how to get Custom Ringtones on Windows Phone 7.5 Mango device as well.

Want to get some value out of the old gadgets that are now laying around the house? Then learn how to Recycle Those Old Gadgets.

If all else fails and you need to ask a specific question to get some help then we have a couple of methods for us to be able to help you directly.  First option is to leave us a comment with details of the problem your having or question you have and we will reply right back in the comments.  That can be helpful to others as well who may have the same question or issue.

Another method of contacting us is the Zopim chat module we have on the site.  You can see the chat bubble in the lower right corner of your screen:


Just click on that and ask your question.

We are looking forward to helping out as much as we can. We would also love to hear of your best tips for dealing with new gadgets – just post them in the comments as well.