Welcome to Episode 4 of Fever Pitched a summary of the top three stories from my Fever RSS Aggregator over the past week.

107.4 Degrees – My Xbox Live. In what was a shock for many people Microsoft released an app for iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad so gamers with those handsets could interact with their Xbox Live account, friends, etc.

106.1 Degrees – Patch Tuesday for 13 December 2011.  This past Tuesday Microsoft released 14 security bulletins to update various Microsoft Windows client and server software as well as Internet Explorer and Office products.  This is standard procedure on the second Tuesday of each month when there are security related updates required.

104.9 Degrees – Xbox Companion App for Windows Phone. Right before we recorded Fever Pitched Episode 3 the new Xbox Dashboard update was released late and that in turn delayed the release of this app for Windows Phone which allows you to control many functions on your Xbox 360 using your phone. The stories about this new app started to appear after we wrapped Fever Pitched last week.

103.6 Degrees – Windows Phone SMS Attack Revealed. Although this story was not in the top 3 it is a big deal and in number four spot so I am going to mention it for everyone to be aware of.  Bottom line is that without reporting the specific details of how the attack works it was brought to Microsoft’s attention via Tom Warren at WinRumors.com who received details from a WinRumors reader.  Microsoft has acknowledged the issue and is working on a fix.  The risk of being impacted by this is slim since the involved parties have kept the specific string quiet instead of blaring it across the web.

If you want to understand the background for this column please check out Fever Pitched Episode 3 where I explain all about the Fever RSS Aggregator and how I use it to determine these stories.