Another announcement from that same Microsoft spokesperson, Xbox Live’s Major Nelson, today about the Xbox Companion App for Windows Phone 7.

He revealed on his blog that not only will we get the new Xbox 360 Metro Dashboard update tomorrow, 06 December 2011, but we will also have the new Xbox Companion Windows Phone 7 App available for use.

Starting this Tuesday, Dec. 6, the free Xbox Companion app for Windows Phone will let you find, learn more about and control content from popular entertainment services on Xbox LIVE.

This Xbox Companion app will have some cool new features to use with your Xbox 360 including:

Xbox Companion search powered by Bing. Search the unified Xbox catalog for movies, TV shows, music, games and apps using the Windows phone. View a detailed unified results page across all content providers. You can see recently played games and apps and browse the Zune video catalog

Using the Xbox Companion app you can learn more details about the movie, TV show, music or game that is playing on your console. You can also get friend activity (friends online, friends with beacons, friends who have recently played), achievements and related items.  You’ll also be able to select a search result, and launch a movie, TV show, game or app on the connected console as well as play, pause, fw, rw the playing video or music on the connected Xbox,initiate media purchase and navigate your Xbox console with Windows Phone using the Xbox Companion.

The app will be a free download for Windows Phone 7 users. Here are some screenshots of the app in action courtesy of Major Nelson:

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Here is a demo video of the app in use as well to give you an idea of what you can do with it: