This past Saturday the Jacksonville Software Architecture Group hosted a Windows Phone Camp at the University of North Florida for anyone interested in learning about developing for the Windows Phone 7 mobile platform.

The coordinator of the event, Eugene Chuvyrov, hit all the marks when it comes to hosting a group of geeks to talk about geeky things.  There was wireless Internet access, good food for breakfast and lunch, plenty of power, tables, chairs and swag.  The event was sponsored by Tek Systems and Microsoft.

Oh yeah there were also plenty of giveaways including a Windows Phone 7 handset, App Hub memberships and more swag items.

The day consisted of the following sessions:

You can see the briefs and demos yourself by visiting the Jacksonville Software Architecture Group website and downloading them.

The remainder of the camp was spent hosting a Windows Phone App Hackathon to select the best app or app idea based on the following criteria:

  • Originality and coolness of the idea
  • Likelihood to succeed in the marketplace – would people buy this app?
  • Feasibility – can application be completed and pass the Marketplace Certification within a reasonable amount of time?

The winner, who created a Workout Buddy App, won the Windows Phone 7 handset.  There were a total of 20 app ideas presented to the judges at the end of the day.

What I found encouraging was that two thirds of those attending were new to Windows Phone 7 development.  As a non-developer type I enjoyed hearing their enthusiasm for the new mobile platform and how willing they were to not just limit themselves to specific platforms.  They had some great app ideas as well for the hackathon.

It was a well done event and some very insightful briefs so make sure you take the time to download and review them.  Many of the ideas can be applied to other work your doing and not just app development.


Participants listen to a brief about Windows Phone 7 Development from Alex Perez of Neuralnet Systems during the Jacksonville Windows Phone Camp held on 03 December 2011.