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Everywhere you look there are great new gadgets that are improving the way we enjoy the mobile experience, with plenty of gizmos that make essential additions to anyone’s list of electronic must-have’s. Here’s a super cool selection of ten of the best:

1. The Apple iPad was the first to hit the streets when it comes to tablets and the latest version is now better than ever. With improved performance thanks to an updated iOS and a design and build quality that’s second to none, this is a great addition to your mobile arsenal.

2. Sony Android tablets are also highly popular thanks to the fact that they have the usual style and substance along with zippy mobile processors. Lots of high-tech features and, of course, the user-friendly feel of Android makes one of these seem like another essential purchase.

3. Nintendo 3DS makes a fantastic travelling companion on the go with it’s amazing games and a glasses-free 3D experience. Wi-Fi capability also allows quick and instant hook-ups with fellow gamers in your immediate neighbourhood making it a great social device too.

4. Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a brand new smartphone that will take the world by storm thanks to its impressive new user features, including the ability to unlock the handset by staring at it thanks to face recognition. It’s the first phone to run the Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich update too.

5. The MiFi is the best way for sharing out your mobile broadband connection with other authorized users. There are now a few of these in circulation and they’re mighty handy for connecting up to five members of your family or friends through one account.

6. Lenovo IdeaPad Ultrabook is a neat twist on the likes of the Apple Macbook Air that comes in a super thin design but offers up a high-powered computing experience that will prove invaluable with people who need to stay mobile, but don’t want the bulk of carrying a full sized laptop around.

7. Samsung MV800 camera makes a great addition to your mobile toolkit because it offers top quality images complete with a flip-up screen on-board that helps ensure you get everything in your shot positioned just right. There’s a decent zoom, 16-megapixels and a wide-angle lens to boot.

8. HTC Titan smartphone is one of the new devices to run the improved Windows Phone 7 Mango updates and it’s all the better for it. There’s a great little interface that’s easy to use, but has all of the features you could possibly want. An essential for anyone who has social networking and web browsing at the center of their activities.

9. Kodak Playsport is a video camera that is ultra portable, has rather tasty good looks and also ensures that you get cracking video content recording within the shape of a button press. You’ll get really respectable HD quality content and it is easily distributed or downloaded for home viewing and all for a great price.

10. Amazon Kindle was the electronic gizmo that many dismissed when it first arrived, but the fact that you don’t have to go far to see people using them is a tribute to their growing popularity. Handy to take with you, good battery life and an endless array of digital titles to choose from makes it a sure-fire hit.

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