This is going to be more of an editorial than an article. I just wanted to give you this editor’s experience back on Xbox Live from having the luxury for several weeks gone. I put in the game Modern Warfare 3 which as you know has been out a few weeks. I played a few hours of the campaign finally tonight as was constantly amazed by each scene.

I guess I should have expected this, but you do meet some very completive people on multiplayer, but tonight met some very cool people on Xbox Live. Ggamertag name is ‘Klock db” and even though this new friend of mine was starting the evening at a level 73 and me a 1, he quickly looked out for me and helped me raise my level.

For me that is when online gaming is really amazing and you meet people who want to play as a team and help each other out. Xbox Live is like every other community, but in my almost 6 years of experience of Xbox Live, I have been blown more away with nights like tonight than nights I felt alone on the service and did not feel a sense of community.

The original Xbox launched just 10 years ago with a built in Ethernet port that even many in the company didn’t understand at the time with zero home broadband internet service. Microsoft has made it clear with both competitors of the Wii and PS3 that Xbox Live is the future and among millions like myself have changed my gaming and life experience forever!