The ‘Great Place To Work Institute’ has just named Microsoft as the best multinational workplace. In order to make the top 25 on the list, companies had to have at least 5,000 employees and at least 40 percent of whom are based outside the employer’s home country.

According to a USA Today interview with Great Place to Work Global CEO Jose Tolovi, “there are three criteria that employees must highlight when describing their work place: trust in their managers, pride in the company and good feelings towards their colleagues.” he also said “At the best companies, even the lowest-level employees know they are part of the team.”

To pick the best multinational workplace, the Great Place to Work team evaluated applications from 350 firms that have at least 5,000 employees worldwide and 40% of workers, or 5,000, based outside their home country. The contenders also had to have made at least five of the group’s regional “best workplace” lists.

Microsoft currently employees over 90,000 people in 26 countries. Examples of other companies who made the list are Intel, Cisco, Marriott and Google.