Welcome to Episode 28 of the Observed Tech PODCAST.

It was a busy week on the site and in the tech world.  In this episode we talk Facebook security both vulnerabilities and new features to improve on it; Nokia World 11; an online safety survey/self test; fake antivirus attacks are decreasing; Windows Phone 7.7 rollout goes 100%; Microsoft Security Essentials in 33 languages; HP sticking with PC’s; New York Times praise for Windows Phone 7; the FeedBeater service; deleting Promoted Tweets from your timeline; stats on ownership of tablet computers; Spammers creating their own short URL services to hide their wares; Facebook’s gamers outnumber Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo combined; tools to protect small businesses from cyber attacks; BMW allowing cars talk to each other; Kinect Fun Labs Air band Module for free; Windows Phone Inner Circle Tour; Webcams live from Statue of Liberty; a Nikon D300S heads to orbit and returns; Windows Phone Marketplace over 35,000 apps; Netflix launching in UK next year as its stock drops and users flee in droves this year and why you should give up Windows XP for good.

As usual we wrap up with a look at the past week on WindowsObserver.com

Links to all the stories and sources are in the show notes below.

Enjoy and as always thanks for listening!

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