Welcome to Episode 27 of the Observed Tech PODCAST.

This week we make a couple of big announcements for the site on the show including welcoming Isaac Steinberg as the new Editor in Chief and Contributor for WindowsObserver.com, our new partnership with PC Pitstop and the winners of our PerfectDisk12 giveaway.   In the show we covered some interesting news including a new homebrew app for windows Phone 7 that will let you take screenshots on the phone; How To Geek’s LastPass tutorial; how tablets are cutting into PC sales; the astounding amount of bandwidth used online during 2010; the Windows Phone 7.5 tour; an update on the Windows Phone 7.5 roll out; WordPress.com users getting ads for their sites soon; Debt Collectors banned from using Twitter and Facebook in the UK; a shocker of a cell phone bill; the latest social network Chime.in; Building Windows 8 Start menu; and renaming a user account on a Windows system properly.

That last article resulted in an extended discussion on the best way to assume the use of a computer you get from a friend and create your own identity on it, take over theirs or reformat the entire machine.

We closed the show with our normal week in review on WindowsObserver.com

Links to all the stories and sources are in the show notes below.

Enjoy and as always thanks for listening!

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As mentioned above we closed out our contest and selected three random commenters on the Taking Care of Your Solid State Drives post and are happy to provide each of them with a free license for PerfectDisk12, a $30 value, from Raxco Software.  Congratulations to Andrew, John and Sam on their new software and thanks to all the commenters.  Contact me so I can get your details for the license sorted out.

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