Social Media has become very hard to ignore these days.  Even if you do not access it on any kind of device your going to see the evidence of its growth in everyday situations.

Some examples are television advertisements which almost always have the Facebook and Twitter icons somewhere on the screen.  Same thing goes for print ads in magazines, newspapers and other traditional media avenues.  Even my potato chip bag has social media links indicated on it.  We just simply can not get away from the fact that social media has grown into a normal everyday part of our lives.

It reminds me of the early 90’s when we first started to see web addresses show up in television commercials.  At first there was just a few and quickly it grew to where every ad showed an address to access more information.  Today they do not even have to put a link – they just show the familiar blue and white Facebook logo or the blue bird of Twitter – we know how to find them otherwise.

Here is a great infographic that shows the growth of social media since September 2005.


Via Search Engine Journal