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I am very pleased to announce that the WindowsObserver app for Windows Phone has been updated to version 1.1 and is now available for download from the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.

The app is an interface to read the latest posts from the site while you are on the move.  I built it using a web based application called FollowMyFeed which using a wizard process to get all the pertinent info from you for the app.  You must get your graphics ready ahead of time and can use the templates they have available for either Photoshop or Paint.net. There are a lot of customization options from your logo, graphics and the colors for the app pages.

The entire process took me a few hours one afternoon and that was extended because I was tweaking a few things between each build.

The nice thing about FollowMyFeed is that they have a Windows Phone app you can download to your phone and actually run your app live without having to install it separately on the handset.  I found this very handy for testing layouts and changes I made during the build process.

Anyone can try this process out – no need to be signed up as or have a developer unlocked Windows Phone.  However, you will need a developer account to submit the app to the Marketplace or maybe a friend who is a developer.

Here are the screenshots from the WindowsObserver App:

splashpage menupage postslistpage
categorylistpage postreadingpage categoriespage