Welcome to Episode 23 of the Observed Tech PODCAST and the first since my retirement from the US Navy after 29 years of active duty.

I have spent the last few weeks going through a pretty significant life change as I retired from the Navy in August and have been settling into a new routine.  I plan to run this site full time now and the goal is to produce an episode of the Observed Tech PODCAST each week.  My daily schedule is pretty much my own now and I will be able to set aside time each week for recording and producing new episodes.

I get to start that goal by having Miguel Carrasco, a fellow Microsoft MVP and the Director of Imaginet Interactive as a guest to talk about his experience last week at the Microsoft Build Conference in Anaheim, CA.  Miguel has a great user experience perspective on the information that was shared during the Build conference and discusses it with us on the show.

I have provided some links below to some of Miguel’s work including reviews of the Samsung Windows 8 Developer Preview Slate the attendee’s received which really shows off some of the awesome features in the upcoming Microsoft OS.

Enjoy the show and thanks for listening!

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WindowsObserver.com Windows 8 Coverage

Date Produced: 20 September 2011

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