Build Windows, the conference formerly known as the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference (PDC), kicks off tomorrow in Anaheim, CA and is expected to show developers and the world what Windows 8 looks like at this point in its development.  The intent of the conference is to help hardware and software developers learn how to take advantage of the infrastructure in Windows.  For this inaugural edition of Build the next version of Windows, codenamed “Windows 8”, is expected to be the featured OS.

We have already been exposed to a few aspects of the upcoming “Windows 8” thanks to the Building Windows 8 blog which was started less than a month ago by none other than Steven Sinofsky the Microsoft President for Windows and Windows Live.

So far the Building Windows 8 blog has given us a peek into some details relating to “Windows 8” such as:

The Building Windows 8 blog is very active with each new subject generating hundreds of comments.  I imagine it will only become more active as the Build Conference begins and more of “Windows 8” is revealed to the public.

I will be live blogging the Build Conference keynotes here at so feel free to join us on our Live Events page to follow along and join the conversation.