According to a tweet this morning from the official WordPress Windows Phone 7 App account it looks like version 1.2 will be submitted to the Marketplace very soon.

for Windows Phone 7

WPWindowsPhone for Windows Phone 7
We’re wrapping up version 1.2 for submission. Who’s ready for landscape post editing?

As you can see it seems one of the significant updates to the app is the addition of editing posts in landscape mode.  I would imagine that there are other tweaks and fixes being offered in this update as well.  The editing in landscape mode will be quite welcomed by me personally since I use a LG Quantum which has a slide out keyboard.  That makes landscape editing a must.

The official WordPress Windows Phone 7 App is an open source program and is developed by community members who collaborate with each other to produce a great app.  Visit the official website for more information or to get involved.

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