This is a guest blog entry from Karin Gerber.

We all get the blues in all different ways.  There are many different recommended ways of dealing with them from light therapy to binaural beats to help calm the mind, but there is another way that you can use to help deal with the blues.  Ever thought of using social media to help improve your mood?  It can actually be a great help.

For example, if your mood is feeling low and you need a boost, go on a social media sites like Facebook and request a hug.  It seems rather simple and silly, but the results are there.  Before you know it, you’ll get “Likes” and positive comments before your very eyes.  Even if you only got one or two comments, that still matters and can have a profound effect on your mood.  Bottom line is, people thought of you… and you did it on Facebook.  This can work on Twitter just as well.  For some it may not be easy to do, but the results will be worth it.

If you need more direct contact and affirmation, try online communication sites like Paltalk.  Paltalk is a live chat program utilizing audio and video and is great for getting some of that “ego food” many of us can use to brighten up our day.  With all types of people from every walk of life out there, you can find someone to sit and talk about the things that matter to you.  This includes getting things off your chest, or you can simply make yourself feel good by having someone tell you you’re smart, attractive, or just a great conversationalist.  With social media, “ego food” can come quickly and in abundance.

Social media come in so many shapes and forms.  But whatever form you approach, it’s a great way to reach out for some human contact and comfort when you don’t feel like you can face the world in person.